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This Help page

..has tips for using the Tableland Bridge Club site and a full A-Z index. We hope your visit is informative and enjoyable. Please contact the Club if you have ideas for improvements or more Help features. If you find a broken link, please email the web designer with details.

Some of these notes are written for IE (Internet Explorer) but the steps are similar in other browsers like Firefox and Opera.

Bookmark TBC website

The address for bookmarking this site is (NB, no ‘www’ in this address) –

Link colours

Links on the TBC site: red with dotted underline =not visited yet; emerald with solid underline =visited. Hover over any link to see where it will take you. On the top navigation bar, the page you're on is yellow (solid underline); other TBC pages are white (dotted underline).

Size text as you like

For comfortable reading, this website is written with scaleable fonts. To choose the size text you want: at the top of the screen, click on ‘View’. From the drop-down menu, click on ‘Text size’, then choose ‘larger’ (or whatever). To go back to normal size, choose ‘Medium’. You can have an icon to do this, in the top toolbar: Go View-Toolbars-Customise. In the ‘Available buttons’ select AA size, Click ‘Add’, then Close.

When reading with large fonts, you can free up horizontal screen space by turning off sidebars like favorites or history (click the icon at top of screen; later to restore the sidebar, just click the icon again).

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Print-friendly pages

All Tableland Bridge Club pages are print-friendly! To print any page as a document without backgrounds, images etc: at the top of the screen, click on ‘File’, ‘Print’. You can preview the print layout, by choosing ‘Print preview’. The body of the text is done by our print-styler, but the margins, header and footer (top and bottom of each page) are done by your web browser (eg Internet Explorer). To change the margins or header/ footer: at top of screen click on ‘File’, ‘Page Setup’ and follow the instructions for your browser.

Fuzzy fonts?

If large fonts – especially the main top headings – look fuzzy, a common cause is a setting in Windows Display, which is simple to correct. You need to turn on ‘font-smoothing’. Click on ‘Start’ (bottom left of screen), then on ‘Settings, Control Panel’. Double click to open the ‘Display’ window. The top tab you want is ‘Appearance’, click on that, then on the bottom right, ‘Effects’. The Effects window opens and top left you will see two boxes, in the box marked ‘Use the following method to smooth screen fonts’, check ‘Standard’ (for desktops) or ‘ClearType’ (laptops). Click OK, Apply, OK, then close the Control Panel. Done! This should fix the problem permanently and improve large text display in many programs.

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